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Metatrader 4

Ultrapips presents you the multi trading platform which helps the traders to control more than two accounts at a same time on a single trading terminal. The multi trader is provided by less amount of FOREX brokers present in the industry. In multi trader account, the traders can switch to any of the account by using our PAMM services that refers to Permanent Account Management Module. It refers to a system whereby you can access all the accounts & take control through one master password.

The reason most people prefer to trade in Ultrapips multi trader platform are:

  • Ability to monitor any of the account at any time
  • Detailed history of trading activities and traders performance.
  • One click trading
  • Expert Advisors (EA) facilities available
  • Regarded as one of the best platform for hedging risk
  • Faster trading execution
  • Deep liquidity?
  • Fastest monitoring
  • PAMM facilities available
  • Can check trading account balance

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